About Us


Leongatha Optometrists was established in 1976 by Rodney Jackson and David Lawry Optometrists.


Now with the addition of Leah Meulendijks to the team the practice has been renamed. Rachel Chipere and Audrey Lee are our newest Optometrists to join the team. Rachel, Audrey Leah and David look forward to continuing your exceptional Optometric care together with the assistance of Dot, Steve and Ashley.


Leongatha Optometrists is renowned in the community for providing excellent eyecare and customer service. Our team has combined experience in the Optometric industry of 100 years. From our complimentary lifetime servicing of all customer glasses to our Optometrists who specialise in areas such as Contact Lenses, Children's Vision, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Cataract co-management with local Opthalmology, we are the first choice for the Leongatha and surrounds community when it comes to quality care and quality products.


Despite our many years in the industry we constantly strive to stay up to date with all the latest technology, fashions and eyecare advances. Earlier this year we introduced the Blephasteam dry eye treatment into our practice. This gentle in-room moist heat therapy is not only affordable but very effective in alleviating the symptoms of dry eye. Click here to learn more.


Why independent? As a term for a health care professional, independence s considered to be of high importance to a large number of patients. The implication for Optometrists is that if he or she can practice independently, there is no compromise to patient care. Independent Optometrists have unrestricted access to all technology and products on the market and therefore are best positioned to offer best care practices to their patients.


We believe in order for a small community like Leongatha to thrive, locals and businesses alike need to support the community. That is why we employ local people and wherever possible we purchase from local businesses. We also support local school and clubs and look forward to any new opportunities to support local clubs, schools and charities.


If you know of any opportunities available, please contact us with the details.


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