Advanced Eye Examinations


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT):

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients with the advanced digital imaging provided by the OCT. The OCT scans the posterior eye and can identify damage at the macula and optic nerve that may be difficult to detect otherwise.


This is helpful when screening for Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration and Diabetes, it is also useful to screen for damage at the macula which can be caused by certain medications such as Plaquenil.


During your comprehensive eye examination your Optometrist will inform you if there is any indication that you may benefit from having the OCT scan performed on your eyes.



Visual Field Analysing

Leongatha Optometrists provide comprehensive eye examinations which can often involve further testing which is performed on indication.


During your eye test the Optometrist may identify risk factors for diseases which cause your field of vision to be reduced and this can be assessed or diagnosed with the help of Visual Field Testing. While you may feel your field of vision is fine you will not notice a decline in your field of view unless it is severly affected which is why Visual Field Analysing is a very important tool for Optometrists.


This test is usually covered by Medicare, but in some instances, for example where Vic Roads requests Field testing in order to assess your fitness to drive, it may not be covered and you may be charged a fee.


Visual Field testing uses a series of lights of different strengths or thresholds  to assess the sensitivity of your peripheral vision. It compares the minimum brightness of the lights that you are able to see with the Threshold normally seen by other people in the same age group as yourself to assess whether there is any defect in your field of view. Depending on what type of field test is performed it usually takes around 7 minutes per eye to complete. If you have difficulty keeping up with the test it can be slowed down to allow for a slower response time but this will usually double the time taken to complete the test.




The OCULUS Keratograph 5M


The OCULUS Keratograph 5M is an advanced corneal topographer with a built-in real keratometer and a color camera optimized for external imaging. This helps in diagnosing and monitoring anterior eye diseases and in fitting complex contact lenses in patients with keratoconus and more. 


It contains some unique features which also aid in diagnosing, monitoring and treating dry eyes. 





The blephasteam is an in practice eyelid warming device in treatment dry eyes disease.


Blephasteam is recommended to relieve symptoms of patients suffering from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and associated diseases. Blephasteam provides a moisture and heat therapy which melts the meibomian secretions and obstruction.  During your eye examination your Optometrist will routinely assess if you have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. If you are suffering from the symptoms of dry eye your Optometrist will explain the benefits of Blephasteam and other dry eye remedies.  The Blephasteam device applies a gentle steam treatment to the lids for 10 minutes, slowly working through the tear's oil glands and promoting their ability to secrete the much needed oil important for quality tears.