Ever wonder why your lenses seem so expensive? This video explains what really goes into your lenses.





⚪ We supply all different types of lens solutions to suit your needs from single vision glasses for distance or near to multifocal lenses, prescription sunglasses, computer lenses and office lenses.


⚪ There are so many different products to choose from that sometimes it can be confusing when trying to decide what will work best for you.


⚪ That is where we come in, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help guide you through the process and advise you on what will work the best for you for all your daily activities.





⚪ Our lenses are of superior quality and we are fortunate enough to be able to offer the latest

technology on the market. This means our lenses and lens coatings are the best quality available and we don't substitute quality.


Our premium range of lenses and coatings include:


  • Perfection Everyday multifocal lenses
  • Satin UV coating
  • Satin blue UV coating
  • Transitions
  • Polarized lenses
    Transitions Vantage - Combining Polarized and Transitional lenses And many more



Satin UV Coating


We proudly prescribe Satin UV lenses, the only prescription lenses endorsed by Cancer Council.

Most clear prescription lenses claiming UV protection only reduce the transmission of UV through the front of the lens.

Satin UV lenses are prescription lenses that protect your eyes from UV by reducing the amount of UV radiation reaching

them from the front, through the lens, and also from behind, by minimising reflected UV rays.

Satin UV lenses provide you with the maximum level of UV protection available for your eyes in clear or Transitions®

prescription lenses.


Did you know

Up to 50% of UV radiation penetrating the eyes is reflected off the back surface of prescription glasses.

Satin UV prescription lenses have been developed to protect your eyes from UV from the front & back.


5 enemies of vision

As well as providing the maximum level of UV protection Satin UV lenses also offer protection against the 5 enemies of

clear vision ? reflections, dust, scratches, water & smudges.



Satin Blue UV Coating

Blue light: Why it matters?

There is an increased widespread use of modern light bulbs and digital devices that emit blue light. Use of devices increases more and more each year (and by younger individuals each year) according to Vision Council report. 


It has been long known that blue light can be toxic to certain structures in the eye. We provide the satin blue uv coating to protect your eyes and especially children's eyes in this advancing era. 


Protection of children's eyes is especially important because light transmittance is higher at a younger age, allowing higher levels of UV and blue light to reach the lens and retina.